Korean Barbecue

prepared at the diner's table on grills that are built into the table itself

Chosun Galbee Signature Korean Dishes

Bibimbap (비빔밥, Korean pronunciation: [pibimp͈ap̚][1]) is a ChosunGalbee signature Korean dish. Find more information about lunch menu


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조선 일품 요리 Ilpum Yori (Dinner Dishes)

Chilian Seabass Gui 칠리안시베스 Broiled chilian seabass steak with teriyaki sauce Yeonuh Gui 연어구이 Broiled Salmon steak with teriyaki sauce Jogi Gui 조기구이 Yellow covina Fish Imyunsoo Gui 이면수구이 Grilled fish (Atka Mackarel) served with rice and side dishes Bosot Bocum 버섯볶음 Shitake mushiroom stir-fired with seasoning Galbee Jjim 갈비찜 Short ribs simmered in sweet soy sauce Eun Dae Ku Jo Rim 은대구조림 Simmered black cod and daikon radish in flavorful hot and spicy sauce Yuk Hwea 육회 A dish of mixed raw beef, served with pine nuts and korean pear Sewu Jeon (Black tiger shrimp) 새우전 Lightly battered and grilled shrimp Hae Mul Pa Jeon 해물파전 Pencake with green onion and assorted seafood Sangsun Jeon (Chilian Seabass) 생선전 Lightly battered and grilled fish Job Chae 잡채 Sweet potato noodles mixed with beef and vegetables in season Tofu Jeon 두부전 Egg coated and grilled tofu Mulmandoo 물만두 Steamed dumplings Honguhwae Muchim 홍어회무침 A dish of raw skate with fish with vegetables in spicy sauce



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