Korean Barbecue

prepared at the diner's table on grills that are built into the table itself

Chosun Galbee Signature Korean Dishes

Bibimbap (비빔밥, Korean pronunciation: [pibimp͈ap̚][1]) is a ChosunGalbee signature Korean dish. Find more information about lunch menu


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탕류 Popular Korean Specialties

Eundaeku Maoontang 은대구매운탕 Black cod fish casserole in hot and spicy broth Eundaeku Jiree 은대구 지리 Black cod fish with vegetable casserole Rock cod Maoontang 우럭 매운탕 Rock cod fish casserole in hot and spicy broth Rock cod Jiree 우럭 지리 Rock cod fish with vegetable casserole Bibimbob 비빔밥 Rice tapped with beef, assorted vegetable and red pepper sauce Dolsot Bibimbob 갈비 돌솥 비빔밥 Rice topped with prime short ribs, assorted vegetables served on sizzling stone pot Hwae Dup Bap 회 덮밥 Assorted Sashimi & vegetables served over rice with spicy sauce Galbee Tang 갈비탕 Rice prime short rib soup Galbee Uguji-Tang 갈비 우거지탕 Prime short ribs and cabbage in hearty bean paste soup Al Chigae 알찌게 Assorted fish egg & vegetable spicy stew Kimchee Chigae 김치찌게 Kimchee stew with beef and tofu Duenjang Chigae 된장찌게 Bean paste stew with beef, tofu and vegetable Taro Kookbob 따로 국밥 Chef’s special; spicy beef soup with bean sprout Yookejang 육계장 Hot & spicy beef soup with shredded beef and vegetable Man Doo Gook 만두국 Home made beef dumplings in beef and vegetable Duk Gook 떡국 Rice cake soup with beef Duk Man Doo Gook 떡만두국 Rice cake and dumpling soup with beef
Raw Food (Yuk Hwae, Hwae Dup Bab may not be packaged for to go.
날음식(회덮밥,육회등)은 식당 내에서만 드실 수 있습니다. 

즉석전골 Authentic Korean Hot Pot Dishes (Minimum 2 order)

Chosun Jungol 조선 전골 Mixed meat, fish and seafood casserole with Japanese noodle Haemool Jungol 해물 전골 Assorted seafood casserole in hot pot Gopchang Jungol 곱창 전골 Beef intestine casserole with udon in hot pot

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